The Un-Official Turkey Trot

Make Thanksgiving An Awesome Community Event

The Thanksgiving holiday brings families and friends together. Many cities around the Country host a “Turkey Trot” run – a 5k or 10k – held early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day. Many people like to run Turkey Trots because they are less competitive and a good workout before a day of consumption. 

In 2007, Diablo CrossFit decided to host its own “Un-Offiicial” Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day for members and their families and friends. It’s “Un-Official” because there is no registration, no fee and no permit from the City (check your City requirements). It is held in a local park and includes a run with CrossFit movements as obstacles along the way. Diablo is in it’s 12th year of operating it’s Un-Official Turkey Trot – and has grown it from a handful of eager members in 2007 to almost 200 participants in 2018. 

A Turkey Trot is an easy-to-host event that brings members and families together for fitness – and works a great tool to recruit new members. The only cost is time and coffee (optional).

Download the attached pdf for all the details and information.