Strong - Olympic Lifting Class

3x-a-week Olympic Lifting class programming based on 6 week training cycles for the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch.

$49 / month

Strong Class for Affiliates

Strong is our Olympic Lifting Class. Class coaches should have some Olympic Lifting experience. We recommend CrossFit’s Weightlifting Certification and/or USAW’s certifications.

Our goal is to provide the framework for improving Oly Lifting skills and strength of CrossFit affiliate members. We program 3 classes-a-week based upon a 6 week cycle. Every 6-week cycle culminates in a “test day” for the Clean & Jerk and Snatch. Your athletes are going to love their new PRs at the end of each cycle.

For passionate weightlifters, and the best results, Strong programming can be followed all 3 classes each week for 6 weeks. For CrossFit or other athletes who want to supplement their training with additional Oly training, 1-2 Strong classes a week will yield beneficial results.

Strong Programming includes:

  • 3 Class workouts each week
  • 6 Week Training Cycles
  • Lifting drills for the Clean, Jerk or Snatch
  • Complimentary Strength programming
  • Accessory Skill & Mobility drills

A typical training day:

Oly Work

  • Snatch High Pull + Position 1 Snatch + OHS 3x(1+1+1) up to 55%
  • Snatch 3×3 @ 69-74%
  • 3 Position Snatch Pull + Snatch Pull 3x(2+1) @ 79-89% (pause 2 sec at position 3-2-1)

Accessory Work

  • Back Pause Squat 5×2 @ 75% (2sec pause in the bottom – NO bouncing out of the hole)

Complete 3 rounds of:

  • 10 Glute Hamstring Raises right into 30sec static hold
  • 8 Barbell Good Mornings (20-30% of today’s Snatch Pull- Complex)
  • 4 High Box Jumps

$49 / MONTH​

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Daily workout programming for affiliates with a focus on repeat attendance, continuous improvement & fun.

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