Group and individual programming.

About our programming

Progressive Programming uses strength and skill progressions to engage athletes during the progression process. This pushes for PRs and helps fill classes while producing broad fitness gains along with plentiful strength, gymnastic and skill pr’s. Each month’s workouts are progressive, including (1) a primary strength focus, (2) a secondary strength focus (3) a skill/gymnastic focus. Each focus targets fitness “tests” at the end of the month, in the form of benchmark workouts or a max-effort lift. These fitness objectives entice athletes to NOT miss workouts and often yield an impressive quantity of PRs, and this keeps athletes engaged. Additionally, all GPP workouts include scaling recommendations for masters 50+ athletes.

Progressive Programming also offers dedicated tracks for Olympic Lifting Athletes (Strong!) and cardio-based Functional Interval Training workouts with Core & Accessory Strength (F!T).

Our mission is to provide constantly varied Progressions to allow someone to get off the couch and into the gym. To fulfill our mission we create:

Coaches & athlete notes

Athlete notes are just as important as Coaches’ notes. When your members login to Sugarwod to check on the workout of the day, they’ll get a breakdown of the workout along with insight and recommendations on how to approach the workouts and how to scale. Coaches have even more information to help them plan class and execute the workouts.

Comprehensive Warm-ups and Coaches’ Notes

Progressive Programming provides a detailed time schedule for class instruction, including warm-up and mobility instruction. And, our Coach notes give ample guidance for workout execution and class timing. Thus, coaches can quickly create an appropriate lesson plan for the day.

We’ve learned that members often choose classes based upon who may be coaching. This is human nature. We strongly recommend that each coach read through the program of the day, especially the coach notes. Substitutions are ok, especially for boxes with limited equipment availability. The recommended warm-ups and cool down activities provide a good guideline for the appropriate experience for the specific stimulus.

PRs - Progressive Programming

Our Flagship, 60min daily workouts that include month-long strength & gymnastic progressions and a fun, effective metcon.

A month of daily workout programming includes:
That’s right, we have a planned Metcon every day. The duration will vary pending the strength, gymnastic progressions planned for the day. But, ending each session with even a little burner that complements the focus of the day will keep members coming back for more. Suggested 2-3 days on and 1 day off, we provide a monthly calendar for members to help prioritize their schedule based on the progressions.
When the metcon has complex gymnastics or heavy barbells, we’ll provide scaling and modifications for the movements for the day. We strongly believe that developing technique is critical, and if athletes need modifications, it’s important that they have a progression to use as a stepping stone to the more advanced patterns for future gains. We provide various options, when it is applicable, to keep the athlete of any level challenged with room for improvements.
We program progressive strength training workouts into daily workouts at least twice per week. Each month features a Primary Strength Focus and, sometimes a Secondary Strength Focus. These focuses are part of a macro Calendar working with 3 months mesocycles where the secondary focus is a building block for the Primary. It’s very important to us that we teach quality in the patterns before we test them. By using the Secondary Strength as a building block, we are able to pack more time and experience in a movement before testing since we will test our Primary Strength at the end of every month.
Skills are the most common weakness within gym communities. Every month, we include some type of Neurological adaptation in skills that require balance, agility, and coordination. These are the types of skills that we are unable to pick up and master during a Metcon. Each one of these skills will have a set progression in some type of controlled time frame that starts with the foundational patterns and the stepping stones to be more competent in the advanced skills.
We provide a class timeline for every day, along with a recommended General and Specific warm-ups. However, every community is unique. And, coaches each have their own style. We believe that each class coach should have influence over his/her own warm-up that adequately prepares their athletes for the work to be performed. Follow our timeline and recommendations and, feel free to tweak the warm-ups to match your style.
On the SugarWOD app, we offer Athlete Notes that will cover “The goal” of the session and “Things to think about” that will help athletes get their mental game prepped before arriving in class, which will make for smoother classes.
Before the start of every month, we release a 5-10 minute Monthly Preview Video with the upcoming Progressions. In this video, we will also discuss any notable workouts that we use for our benchmark workouts throughout the year. Then, we took it even further, we also produce a Daily “WOD Preview” which is a quick 2-5 minute video that breaks down the daily session with modifications where it may be needed.
Daily Class Programming with Strength & Gymnastic progressions from a word-class CrossFit Affiliate – 1 MONTH OF PROGRAMMING AVAILABLE 15 DAYS EARLY

PRs - F!T

A killer combination of cardio, core and accessory work with no barbell and no complex gymnastics.
    • Core Activation is packed with a variety of core exercises with the goal of practicing and activating your core through the 3 different planes of movement.
    • Accessory Strength is a progressive program that will work with various functional movement patterns designed to work with antagonistic and synergistic muscles.
    • F!T is programmed with time oriented interval workouts ranging from 15-22 minutes long.

This program is designed to complement the workout of the day by offering a bootcamp style workout plan that will not use Complex Barbell or Gymnastic movements. The goal of this Track is for those Gyms utilizing the All In track, and looking to offer your members more options for classes. We Program this Track with the same monostructural equipment and similar movement patterns as the Workout of the day to avoid repeat patterns to help with the flow for the gyms and coaches.

5 Days of F!T programming PLUS Core & Accessory progressions – 1 MONTH OF PROGRAMMING AVAILABLE 15 DAYS EARLY

Strong Programming

3x-a-week Olympic Lifting class programming based on 4-week training cycles for the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch
Strong Programming includes:
  • 3 Class workouts each week.
  • 4 Week Training Cycles including D-load Weeks when applicable.
  • Lifting drills for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk
  • Complimentary Strength programming
A typical training day:
  • Grease the Groove: Snatch High Pull + Position 1 Snatch + OHS 3x(1+1+1) up to 55% **Oly Lift:**Snatch 3×3 @ 69-74%
  • Accessory Oly Drill: 3 Position Snatch Pull + Snatch Pull 3x(2+1) @ 79-89% (pause 2 sec at position 3-2-1)
  • Accessory Strength Lift: Back Pause Squat 5×2 @ 75% (2sec pause in the bottom – No bouncing out of the hole)
3x-a-week Olympic Lifting class programming based on 4-week training cycles for the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch

Demo Videos

Want to know what Progressive Programming is all about?
Take a sneak peak at our demo videos!