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CrossFit works best when members commit to the process and when they train hard. Progressive Programming is designed to maximize class attendance and fitness results. When members “PR” a workout, a lift or a skill, they feel a sense of accomplishment – a feeling that their hard work is paying off. At the same time, class coaches have more fun and gain a similar sense of pride & accomplishment.

We subscribe to Greg Glassman’s advice: “run great classes.” Great classes yield REPEAT customers. Repeat customers achieve more fitness and tell their friends. We achieve great classes via fun, progressive programming and high quality coaching: Strength & Gymnastic progressions plus CrossFit metcons.


Founded in 2005, Diablo CrossFit is one of the oldest and most recognized CrossFit affiliates in the world. We have learned from our members that the workout of the day must provide members what they want, not just what they need. Programming influences attendance and passionate participation. And consistent attendance with passionate effort yield significant gains. So has a legacy of competition success, including 6 team appearances at the CrossFit Games (including a 3rd place finish in 2012), 13 individual athlete qualifications (several top 10s), and 13 Masters appearances (including a 1st Place finish in 2013 – M50-54: Diablo Founder, Craig Howard). However, we are most proud of the hard work and accomplishments of our day-to-day members who make it into the gym amid life & work obligations.


Progressive Programming engages clients and fills classes while producing broad fitness gains along with plentiful strength, gymnastic and skill pr’s. Each month’s workouts are progressive, including (1) a primary strength focus, (2) a secondary strength or gymnastic focus and (3) a skill focus. Each focus targets fitness “tests” at the end of the month, in the form of benchmark workouts or a max-effort lift. These fitness objectives entice members to NOT miss workouts and often yield an impressive quantity of PRs. And PRs keep members engaged. Additionally, all DPP workouts include scaling modifications for masters 50+ athletes.

Progressive Programming also offers dedicated tracks for Olympic Lifting Athletes (Strong!) and, cardio-based HIIT workouts (F!T).

Our mission is to fill your classes with members who want to be there and are making gains. To fulfill our mission we create:

◉ Workout programming that is fun
◉ Strength & gymnastic progressions that lead to PR opportunities
◉ Empower coaches to contribute and lead


Athlete notes are just as important as Coaches’ notes. When your members login to Sugarwod to check on the workout of the day, they’ll get a breakdown of the workout along with insight and recommendations on how to approach the workouts and how to scale. Coaches have even more information to help them plan class and execute the workouts. 

But, no warm-ups…

In 14 years of operation & travels, we’ve learned that most CrossFit affiliates and other functional fitness gyms are communities built around the owners and coaches. Each gym has its own unique style, influence, equipment and member demographic. So, we believe it is important that daily workout instruction allow for input and influence from the head coach and/or class coaches. Good coaches WANT to be a part of the process.

At Progressive Programming, we do not set a detailed time schedule for class instruction and we do not provide warm-up content. Our Coach notes gives ample guidance for workout execution. Competent coaches can comfortably assess the workout content and create an appropriate lesson plan for the day.

We’ve learned that members often choose classes based upon who may be coaching. This is human nature. We strongly recommend that each coach read through the program of the day, especially the coach notes and develop their own warm-up that suits their class clientele, adequately prepares them for the workouts ahead and keeps the class on schedule. Allowing coaches to develop warm-up programming creates a sense of purpose and keeps them involved in the process and connected to their clients.

Questions?: We got answers.  Email us: Info@prsallday.com

Daily workout programming for affiliates with a focus on repeat attendance, continuous improvement & fun.

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