What do members want?

◉ A fun, challenging workout. Great workouts create engaged effort and a desire to return tomorrow.
◉ Strength & Gymnastic PRs! Strength gains and gymnastic gains create pride and excitement.
◉ Awesome fitness. Benchmark workout improvements validate daily effort.
◉ New skills. Mastering new skills builds confidence.
◉ Challenges. If its easy, motivation wanes.

And, what do Coaches want?

◉ Full classes!
◉ Fun workouts that are easy to execute.
◉ Scale-able workouts – or easy substitutions.
◉ Injury-free clients.
◉ Progressions to skills that are fun and challenging to practice.
◉ The opportunity to coach, add value and help clients PR.

About Progressive Programming
"Do they want to come tomorrow?"

CrossFit works best when members commit to the process and when they train hard. Progressive Programming is designed to maximize class attendance and fitness results. When members “PR” a workout, a lift or a skill, they feel a sense of accomplishment – a feeling that their hard work is paying off. At the same time, class coaches have more fun and gain a similar sense of pride & accomplishment.

We subscribe to Greg Glassman’s advice: “run great classes”. Great classes yield REPEAT customers. Repeat customers yields more fitness and are better for business. We achieve great classes via fun, progressive programming and high quality coaching: Strength & Gymnastic progressions plus CrossFit metcons.