F!T + C&A

Save $20 per month when you buy F!T + Core & Accessory together.

$79 / month

F!T is now programmed 5 days a week (HIIT with no barbell or complex gymnastics). 3 days a week, F!T is designed as a 30 minute class. Combined with our Core & Accessory Class (30 min), you get 1 hour of complete cardio & core work. Two days a week, F!T class adds accessory strength work to make for a 45-60 minute class.

Recommended Programming:

Mon – F!T (30m) + C&A (30m)
Tue – F!T (30m) + Accessory (15m)
Wed – F!T + C&A + C&A (30m)
Thu – F!T (30m) + Accessory (15m)
Fri – F!T + C&A + C&A (30m)

Note: all Progressive Programming tracks are designed to work together and avoid repetitive movements!

$79 / MONTH

Questions?: We got answers.  Email us: Info@prsallday.com

Daily workout programming for affiliates with a focus on repeat attendance, continuous improvement & fun.

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