The first half of the class is spent preparing the body to crank out the intensity that will be asked for in the second part of the class. This will include a dynamic warm-up, stretching, and movements that will get your heart rate pumping. This warm-up will also build functional strength and sculpt your muscles. We want you to create the body shape you desire, learn new and exciting movements and accomplish things you never thought were possible. In the second half, the intensity is ramped up and we get a sweat on. The variety of techniques used are designed to develop all areas of fitness, keep your body guessing and maximize fat burning potential, not just in the session, but all day long.

All that is asked is that you bring a positive attitude and give every class 100% effort. Do this, and four one-hour sessions a week will be plenty in helping you achieve that leaner, stronger and fitter body.


The focus of this class is on strength and conditioning. These classes will sculpt, tone, and increase your muscular baseline so you’ll burn fat more quickly, whether at rest or moving throughout your day. Strength and conditioning classes utilize various weight types, including body weight, in a progressive manner that will challenge you no matter what your fitness level. You’ll leave each class with muscles shaking, a true sign that you’re leaving class a stronger version of yourself.


The Warrior Boot Camp combines two unique fitness programs into one amazing fitness camp, creating one of the best total-body fitness programs on the market.

The camp is four days of sweat inducing, muscle fatiguing, metabolic-driven functional fitness. You’ll develop, strengthen, and maximize your athletic baseline so you can dominate your next obstacle course race, sprint your next 5K, or swing on the monkey bars with your kids.


Have you wanted to join the growing number of participants in Obstacle Course Racing or want to improve that course time? Has someone in your workplace or circle of friends asked you to join their team? Join our certified coaches as they teach you the skills needed to conquer races such as Spartan Race, Battle Frog, Tough Mudder, and Gladiator Rock n’ Run. Our hands on approach and physical completion on the actual obstacles will have you ready to take on the course, impress your friends and come back wanting more.


Our open gym offers a unique opportunity, being the only OCR Gym in the area, to provide a place where athletes can train on the obstacles.


Are you looking to pass the police physical fitness exam or looking at an annual pay raise by re-passing the exam. Let our training program prepare you to pass the exam and open the door to a great and lucrative career in the police force.


Looking to get started running, improve or go longer, or get the elusive PR? Engage us for coaching that will enable you to reach your goal. We offer coaching on the track, trail, or online to meet your schedule. Contact us to learn more.

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