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Daily workout programming that includes month-long strength & gymnastic progressions and a fun, effective CrossFit metcon.

$89 / month

Quality programming for a successful affiliate is not science, it's art.

Our programming helps you put members in your gym and keep them coming back. We provide a full month of daily programming delivered 2 weeks prior to the start of the month. This gives you ample time to prepare for the month, post to your blog and prepare your coaches.

A month of daily workout programming includes:

 Metcon of the day, every day (Includes most holidays)
Members expect a metcon every day. However, duration, intensity and skill level depend upon strength, gymnastic or skill work that may be programmed and other factors. For example, Monday metcons are usually long – members love Monday recovery “sweat-cons”. And, occasional partner metcons are only on the weekend – when members are more relaxed and engaging.

 Strength Progressions, two to three days per week.
We program progressive strength training workouts into daily workouts at least twice per week. Each month features a Primary Strength Focus and, sometimes a Secondary Strength Focus. Strength workouts will always begin with higher repetitions and lighter loads early in the month. We’ve learned that it is easier to teach “strength intensity” with moderate loads and higher repetitions. As the month progresses, loads increase and reps decline. At the end of each monthly cycle, we’ll often test the focus movement with single, double or triple rep workouts. This is when the PRs happen.

 Skill Progressions, one to two days per week.
Gymnastics are perhaps the most common weakness within CrossFit communities. Almost every month, we include gymnastic strength or skill progressions as part of the daily workout. The progressions start with basic skill or strength work usually as an EMOM prior to the class metcon. As the month progresses, so does the intensity and skill level of the gymnastic skill or strength work.

 Affiliate Coach Designed Warm-Ups & Cool-Downs
Every community is unique. And, different class times are unique. Coaches’ have their own style. We believe that each class coach should create his/her own warm-up that adequately prepares their athletes for the work to be performed. We recommend a vigorous, low-impact warm-up and relevant mobility work, if needed. The warm-up should last no more than 10 minutes in order to leave ample time for strength or gymnastic work and the daily metcon.

The formula is simple:

CrossFit works when members come and give it their all. Members come because they enjoy the environment, the coaches, the community and the workouts. And, when they make gains in their fitness, strength and body composition – without injury – they’ll stay longer and tell their friends.

$89 / MONTH​

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Daily workout programming for affiliates with a focus on repeat attendance, continuous improvement & fun.

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