April 2020 Programming Review & UPDATE!

At-Home Workouts Now Available - Free

Most gyms around the world are closed as we combat the Corona Virus by flattening the curve. Progressive Programming has launched daily, at-home workouts that can be completed with no equipment or, minimal equipment. Our minimal equipment requirements are the following:

  • A single dumbbell or kettlebell
  • A bumper plate (or sandbag)
  • A jump rope
  • A mobility band

Of course, household items work very well. 


Our At-Home Workouts are comprehensive and inclusive and can be completed by any level of athlete. But make no mistake, they are also challenging and may need a coach to help with scaling and substitutions. We provide extensive workout preparation notes.  Our At-Home Programming includes:

  • A comprehensive body-weight warm-up
  • A daily metcon
  • Strength & skill progressions for the garage-gym / at-home athlete.
  • Comprehensive workout preparation notes.

April Progressions

√ Primary: Back Squat
√ Secondary: Horizontal Press & Rows
√ Skill: Muscle Up EMOM Progressions

April Notable Workouts

√ CrossFit Girls: “Helen”
√ CrossFit Hero: “Nate”
√ Lifts: Back Squat & Bench Press