All In!

Our full suite of classes: CrossFit WOD + Strong Class + F!T Class + Core & Accessory Class

$149 / month

All the tools for your programming toolbox

Our “ALL IN” class programming includes:

  • Workout of the Day Metcon with Strength & Gymnastic Progressions: 7 Days a Week
  • F!T Class – 30 min HIIT Cardio Class: 3 Days a Week
  • Core & Accessory Class – 30 min Core work plus Functional Bodybuilding Accessory Work: 3 Days a Week
  • Strong Class – Olympic Lifting barbell training program, including lifts, drills & accessory strength: 3 Days a Week, 6 Week Cycles
  • Workouts posted to Sugarwod 7 days in advance.

$149 / MONTH

Questions?: We got answers.  Email us:

Daily workout programming for affiliates with a focus on repeat attendance, continuous improvement & fun.

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