Fitness Programming Built For Progress.

PRs All Day provides workout programming with built-in progressions for Athletes and Coaches, focusing on consistency with a chance to test fitness frequently to follow the progress and continuously generate Personal Records.

What do Athletes need?

Challenging & fun workouts that yield measurable fitness improvements.

What do coaches want?

To be a part of the process, simple execution, scale-ability, and successful clients.

What do gym owners want?

Full classes, engaged coaches, and happy, healthy members.

Who we are

Progressive Programming was established in 2017 when we realized the need for quality workouts with a purpose that also provided coaches assistance to improve the athlete’s experience.

In 2018 we partnered with SugarWOD to make our workouts available to affiliates & gyms everywhere. Head Programmer Jamie Lee has more than 15 years of programming experience that ranges from CrossFit, Olympic lifting, competitions, private and small group training. Over the years, training thousands of athletes and competing at the top level himself, Jamie understands the importance of working through progressions to achieve quality movement for every type of athlete.

Over the past ten years, Jamie has watched then created programming for Diablo CrossFit. Jamie has had the opportunity to collect feedback and data from Diablo’s members and coaches to test the method of the progressions. This has assisted us in refining the way we deliver programming for all our athletes & coaches. We combine strength & skill progressions with the right balance of fun, effective metcon workouts.

Doesn’t matter where we are in our fitness journey, what matters is that we progress to move forward and look for new challenges that will encourage growth.

Our Programming

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